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5 Questions To Find Your Authentic Self


The struggle to know who you truly are is a tough one.

Since you’re reading this blog post, then you probably want to find your authentic self, but don’t know where to begin.

I spent most of my early life not knowing who I was or what I was meant to do.

And when you don’t know your authentic self, it can quickly leave you feeling empty, emotionless and worthless.

So, in this short blog post, I want to share 5 questions that helped me to find my authentic self.

But remember, this process takes time.

It’s ever-evolving.

These questions are a very good place to start but don’t expect to have the answers to them straightaway.

So, I wish you the best of luck and let’s jump right into things!

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1# Where Are You Right Now In Your Life?

Where Are You In Your Life?

Now, I’m not asking about your physical location on our beautiful planet.

Rather, this is about what’s going on in your life.

Maybe you’ve:

  • Just graduated university or college
  • Started a new job or been recently made redundant
  • Got married, separated or divorced
  • Recently been in a car accident

Really get into detail about what’s going on in your life physically, emotionally, spiritually and in any other way that you can think of.

That means if you're having a mid-life crisis, note that down too!

Make sure you’re totally honest about everything.

Don’t downplay what’s happening for you right now, but also don’t exaggerate either.

Total self-honesty is what is going to help you to find your authentic self faster!

2# How Did Your Actions Bring You To Where You Are Now?

How Did Your Actions Take You Here?

Now, this might be a question that offends you.

After all, you’re actions aren’t solely responsible for:

  • The economy
  • The government
  • Global climate change
  • Etc…

And you’re totally right.

The world is a chaotic, random and sometimes unfair place that forces people into corners that they don’t want to be in.

You shouldn’t have to take responsibility for that, at all.

So, instead, what I’m asking is whether or not any of your past actions have led to where you are currently at?

For example, if an arsonist burns down your house, you’re not responsible for that.

If someone mugs you in the street and steals your phone and wallet, you’re not responsible for that either.

But, if you didn’t get insurance on those things, then that is something you have to take responsibility for.

So, what actions did you take or not take that led you to where you are right now, putting aside the random chaos of the real world?

Again, total honesty is important.

So, whilst it might hurt to think about how you are partly responsible for your life outcomes right now, it will pay off soon.

3# If All Your Needs Were Taken Care of, What Would You Want/Do?

What Does Your Authentic Self Want?

Let’s say that you suddenly win the lottery tomorrow.

Congratulations, you’re a multi-millionaire!

You buy a nice house and a few cars. You hire a personal trainer so that you can get in the best shape of your life.

Your family is taken care of.

You don’t have to work at that job you hate.

(Of course, money doesn’t solve all problems – but let’s pretend that, in this case, it does.)

Now, you have total freedom and independence.

Everything you could physically need to survive and thrive, you’ve got.

Now, what do you do???

So many of us live just to survive to the next day or the next paycheck or the next age milestone.

We often don’t allow ourselves to think about what’s beyond that point.


Well, it’s a different reason for everyone, but for me, it was because it depressed me to realise that there was so much more to life.

So, what I’d like to invite you to do is, once again, be 100% honest and ask yourself what you would do if all your needs were met?

Would you:

  • Travel the world?
  • Start a charity?
  • Run for a government office?
  • Go back to school?
  • Or something totally different?

What would you do?

4# Why?


Now, you get to build off that last question and ask yourself “why?”

Why would you decide to travel the world, start a charity or go back to school?

The best way I’ve found to get to the bottom of things like this is to ask at least 5 “why’s”.

So, for example, I want to build an 8-figure business.


Because money means freedom to me.


Because we never had money growing up and I promised myself that I would never let myself be in that situation again.


Because having no money made me, my siblings and my parents miserable.


Because we couldn’t do the things that we wanted to. We had to just survive and that meant sacrificing things that could have made us happy in the moment so that we could live to see another month.


Because family is the most important thing in the world to me.

So, as you can see, I started off wanting to build a successful company, but as I went deeper into my goal, I realised that what I really want is to be able to support my family.

By going deeper into the things that you want to achieve in life, you begin to learn about your values and what actually truly drives you.

5# What Holds You Back From Being Who You Want To Be?

What Holds You Back From Being Your Authentic Self?

So, at this point, you know:

  • Where you are in life
  • How your actions brought you to that place
  • And what you would do if all your needs were met and why

The only thing left to ask your authentic self is, what’s truly stopping you from taking action and being who you want to be?

Because if you know where you are in life and how you got there and you know what you truly want out of life, then what is stopping you from going after it today?

What would happen if you took personal responsibility for your outcomes and started to work towards your goals and dreams?

As with every single question in this process, be 100% honest.

What held me back from taking action was:

  • Fear of being judged by others
  • Uncertainty
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of becoming someone that I don’t truly want to be
  • And much more…

But, once I understood what those were, I became more in tune with my authentic self.


Because your authentic self is behind those barriers.

And if you know what holds you back, then you can start to work on overcoming them as fast as possible.

So, what’s truly holding you back?

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this process thought-provoking and maybe a little inspiring.

Believe me, finding out who your authentic self is can be one of the most empowering discoveries you’ll ever have in life.

So, make sure that you get totally honest with yourself.

And remember, these questions might take a long time to answer, so don’t get discouraged.

Be patient.

This a journey of self-discovery, not a Google search.

Take your time and you’ll get your answers.

If you have any questions or comments, then definitely make sure that you leave them in the comment section below.

Also, if you’re interested in receiving coaching to start creating more confidence in your life, then make sure you check out the Confidence Coaching page to get in contact.

Or, you can always contact me on the LTUK Facebook page too.

Once again, though, I hope you found this article useful and I look forward to having you back on Life Transformation UK very soon!


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